• Wages Including Overtime and Working Hours are in Compliance
  • There Are No Child Labor or False Age Documentation
  • All Labor Contracts and Right to Work Documents are in Compliance.
  • There is no Prison or Forced Labor.
  • The Disciplinary Practices like Health & Safety and Regular Fire Drill are Conducted Every Month.
  • Transshipment, Homework and Subcontracting Issues are in Compliance.
  • All Human Rights are in Compliance.
  • All Workers Receive Extra Payment For Working Overtime.
  • All Work Hours are recorded on the Employees Timecard and on the Register.
  • All Workers are paid for All Hours Work.
  • All Productions are done in Factory.
  • There is nothing in Abuse, Harassment, Discrimination or Physical Punishment.
  • The Factory and Work Premises is Safe for the Workers.


  • Latest technology has introduced to detect fire and protect as well.
  • 24 hours CCTV operation to monitor the working environment in the production floor.
  • We have a heath care unit with full time doctors and nurses to take care Network of family.
  • A well decorated child care unit has made to look after the babies of our employees.
  • Sufficient storage areas have been kept for efficient material handling.
  • Minimum wastage at each label of production.
  • Proper layout of machinery in the production floors by experienced personnel to bring maximum efficiency of the workers.

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