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All SLC Writing Workshops are recognized regarding the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. find out about the Co-Curricular Record.

Our most popular workshops (based on recent attendance and faculty requests for course integrated workshops) are indicated with an asterisk.

Note : Are you a professor or program leader enthusiastic about requesting a writing workshop for your course or group? Fill in our survey to place your request. With sufficient notice, it is possible to request any of the workshops below or a mix of topics customized to meet up your students’ needs.

Academic Writing Refresher
This workshop offers a overview that is quick of and skills for successful writing, with returning/ transfer/ mature students in your mind.

  • Gain an understanding of strategies and skills that support successful writing that is academic
  • Be encouraged to make inquiries to demystify expectations around academic writing;
  • Reconnect with writing best practices;
  • Learn where to find support for the writing process.

Academic Writing Q&A. or Top Things to Know About Academic Writing
this session that is 50-minute the utmost effective 5 things most readily useful to learn about academic writing. Continue Reading →