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Amidst a modern generation of sculptors into the 1930s, Hepworth’s move to the abstract had been inspirited by the ocean and landscape of Cornwall.

Manolo is well known for his obsession with touches. Scouring all corners for the globe he harvests rocks and pearls to produce dramatic groups of jewels. Like crowns, the delicate wreaths adorn the luxurious materials of his favourite silhouettes.

Manolo recognised the indispensable silhouette associated with the ankle boot, which includes become a essential piece in a person’s wardrobe. Real to their playful juxtapositions he embraces classic forms aided by the characteristic clashing of tints and textures.

Manolo is mesmerised by ancient fables and legends. The laser-cut habits in this collection are prompted because of the amulet thought to ward the curse off of the ‘evil eye’: an unknowing, malevolent glare causing damage or bad absence. Also referred to as ‘il malocchio’ the totem it self is just a solitary attention, used in several countries as a charm to repel any wicked afflictions.

Marble, mosaics and motifs, the sun and rain of Sicilian architecture that is baroque give an enduring force behind Manolo’s imagination. The bronzed, statuesque designs are translated to your decorative touches in this collection.

Translating to ‘Fans of Seville’, Manolo designed Abanico de Sevilla in commitment to Andalusia, the land of flamenco, passion and party. Inextricably associated with his Spanish origins, these silk that is pleated playfully dance with every movement.

Abanico de Sevilla

Manolo adores Sicily as well as the area’s distinctive baroque architecture. Continue Reading →